"I always recommend You-Do-DJ to all my clients. Doug is professional, courteous, and a pleasure to work with. He is consistent and the price is affordable." Jessica Delfino, Manito Golf and Country Club, Director of Catering

"You-Do-DJ makes the music accessible to the guests. Brides and Grooms are able to create playlists ahead of time, so they know what to expect, and gives them the option to choose a friend or family member as MC for the evening! It's a personal way to add music to your event, without the cost of hiring a professional." Megan Kasper — Catering Services Manager — The Davenport Hotel and Tower

"I used You-Do-DJ for my wedding in August. I needed two sound systems, one for the outdoor ceremony, and one for the indoor reception hall. With all the stress of the wedding day the last thing on my mind was the sound system. Doug came and went and I didn't even know that he was there. He was totally self-sufficient, on-time, professional and affordable. I am so glad we went this route. To ask a random DJ to be part of such an important day is a toss-up, you never know what you are going to get, and you will spend a fortune. This way, everything was kept intimate. The best man was in charge of the microphone and keeping everything moving along, and with an iPod we were able to play the music we wanted. I would recommend You-Do-DJ for any event. I couldn't have been happier with it." Lindsay

"Hello Doug. We want to say thank you for the great job that you did for us on July 31st for our daughter, Marissa's wedding up at Arbor Crest. You went over and above to meet our needs and we are grateful. I have recommended you to several friends already and will continue to. We enjoy supporting businesses like yours and are grateful that we were able to work with you. Thank you again Doug and God Bless You!" Sandy and Dave

"You-Do-DJ is perfect for our brides that are looking for a good value, or want to add their own personal touch to the format of the music for the reception. Doug and his team are always punctual, helpful and courteous. We are always pleased to recommend this service!" Leslie Sigrah — Operations Manager — Catered For You, Inc.

"Exactly what I was looking for and at a reasonable price. Doug Scott was great — he had me bring my laptop to his place a few days early to check all connections, he was on time the day of the wedding and completely self sufficient and the sound system worked perfectly with no problems. In these days of iPods and digital playlists, I'm so glad we didn't waste money on a DJ." Misty and James

"You-Do-DJ is perfect for someone looking for professional sound equipment that they can operate themselves. An iPod or laptop, and someone to push play are all you need! The equipment is always set up on time; it sounds amazing, and is extremely well priced!" Diana Ithomitis, Bozarth Mansion Event Coordinator

"I first found You-Do-DJ for my sister's wedding. Doug was so friendly, helpful and easy to work with. The equipment is very easy to use. It also looks great in any room, small or large. Doug is so nice to set everything up and showed us how to work it. When it was time for my own wedding I called up Doug without thinking twice about it. I would work with him again and again. Thanks Doug!" Sara

"My husband and I are from Nebraska, so it was a lot to coordinate from so many miles away. You-Do-DJ was the perfect option for us. First, we really didn't have the time to meet with a DJ and second, we knew the playlist we wanted for our wedding better than anyone, which meant no Chicken Dance or Hokey Pokey!" Lea and Brady

"I used You-Do-DJ for my wife's 50th birthday celebration. It was an outdoor event and it went great. Doug arrived early and did all the set up, and made sure everything was working correctly. I was able to connect some of my own stereo components to the system so it was easy for me to operate and play the music we wanted. Doug is a professional musician and he took the time to adjust the system for the optimum sound for our outdoor setting. The sound was awesome. I had used a DJ service for my daughter's wedding and even though I had provided a specific playlist, the DJ included music that we had not wanted, and chose not to play music we very much wanted to hear. We were disappointed to say the least. Thanks Doug for providing us such a great service!" Dave

"While planning our wedding, my husband and I surfed the web several times trying to find a great sound system from a reliable vendor. We were lucky to have the Country Club Coordinator recommend You-Do-DJ as an affordable and painless option. Doug, quickly responded to our emails. He explained to us how to operate the equipment and personally delivered the sound system in a timely manner. We are thankful to have found a very reliable and professional vendor for our wedding day." Venus

"For years I have created my own mixed tapes and CD’s and couldn't imagine not having control over what music my guests heard at every critical moment of my ceremony. So when my catering manager suggested Doug, I jumped at the chance. He provided me with two sound systems for our wedding at Patsy Clark’s Mansion in the summer of '09 and it was just what I was hoping for! He set up without a hitch, gave perfect instructions on how to run the machine and headed out to set up another wedding. The system worked great, (just make sure your iPod's are completely charged) and I was very satisfied. If you want to be in charge of your own music, go with Doug!" Amy and Rick

"Mr. Scott, Thank you for all you did for my daughter's wedding - everything was perfect, and allowed Lauren and Matthew to have all the special songs they wanted played at their wedding and reception! We are so glad we found your ad — you were the perfect choice for our event! Thanks!" Kristin

* Please note some of the professionals who gave testimonials are no longer working in the same employment positions.