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speaker system
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When you hire You-Do-DJ, here are the sound system components we provide for your event.
  1. 2 JBL Eon G2 15 Speakers
  2. 2 tripod speaker stands
  3. 2 speaker chords
  4. 1 Mackie 1202 VLZ 3 Professional Mixer Board
  5. 1 Microphone
  6. 1 Microphone Stand
  7. 1 Microphone chord
  8. 1 surge protector power strip
  9. several extension cords
  10. 1 mixer to iPod/laptop connective chord
  11. 1 DJ table (not shown in picture)
  12. Extra cords if needed
Basically we supply everything you need except the music and music player, be it an iPod, laptop, or CD player. We set up all equipment prior to your event and take it down at the conclusion. We work with you to make your event perfect.

JBL Eon G2 15 Speakers

These are awesome speakers that are extremely powerful and provide beautiful sound quality. See reviews by visiting the link above.

Mackie 1202 VLZ 3 Pro Mixer Board

Mackie, like JBL, is a legendary name in sound reinforcement. The VLZ 3 is a great mixer board. See product information by visiting the link above.

We have done events all over Spokane and in some of the largest rooms in the area including the Davenport Hotel's Pennington Ballroom and the Great Room at CenterPlace. You'll be able to rock the house for sure with our powerful sound systems. You-Do-DJ also offers the opportunity to see and hear our sound systems before you make your decision. Call us to schedule a demonstration.

Doug Scott : 509-325-5163
2611 N. Calispel, Spokane, WA 99205

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