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Question: How do we hire You-Do-DJ?
Answer: Call our phone number (509) 325-5163. We will take down all your event information and schedule your date.

Question: Does You-Do-DJ require a deposit?
Answer: Yes. A $75.00 deposit is required for each sound system. It is used as part of the overall payment for your event. Deposits for out of town events will vary depending on the location. Once the deposit is received we will send you back a signed receipt showing all the particulars of your event.

Question: Do I have to sign a contract?
Answer: No. You will just need to mail in a deposit to reserve your date.

Question: When is the balance of my payment due?
Answer: The balance of the payment is due at the time of the set up or can be prepaid in full before the event date.

Question: Do you take credit cards?
Answer: No. You-Do-DJ does not take credit cards.

Question: Do you do events outside of the Spokane area?
Answer: Yes. We do events outside of Spokane but we charge more for these. Call us for a price quote.

Question: Can I use more than one sound source for my event? I have music on both my laptop and iPod.
Answer: Yes. You can use up to 4 sound sources for your event. We will connect these for you. You need to let us know in advance what sound sources you will be using. It is a good idea to check these with us before your event to make sure they are functioning properly.

Question: Does You-Do-DJ supply any music?
Answer: No. You supply your own music.

Question: Can I have more than one microphone for my event?
Answer: Yes. Tell us what you need and we will quote you a price.

Question: I need a sound system first for my wedding ceremony and then one for my reception which is at a different location. Can I move the one system to the different location?
Answer: No. Only staff members of You-Do-DJ move and set up our sound systems. We will be happy to supply you with a second system or move the first system to your reception site at the conclusion of your wedding. Either way you will be charged for two systems.

Question: Do you use wireless microphones or chord microphones?
Answer: We normally use chord microphones for greater reliability.

Question: Do you charge an hourly rate for use of your sound systems?
Answer: No. We charge one rate for the entire event.

Question: We think our event could last a long time. Do you have an end time?
Answer: Yes. If your event is in the evening it must end no later than 1:30 am.

Doug Scott : 509-325-5163
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